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Shooting at ACC with Matt and AJ

News, Guns ·Sunday May 25, 2014 @ 20:51 EDT (link)

At lunch on Friday Matt and I had discussed finally going to shoot at ACC, where I have a membership; I hadn't gone since going with Ron in winter (freezing cold and windy enough to keep blowing our target stands over). Since I was over at AJ's (grandma's) yesterday to figure out some things about the boards, I asked if he wanted to come with, so we made a party of three meeting at 1400 at our place. AJ put his car (Acura TSX) in my garage (avoid dings) and we headed up in the TL. I'd forgotten how nice a drive it was.

I knew from the schedule there was a USPSA match (8-4 officially, using bays 4-8), but they were shutting down as we showed up (and had used more bays). The people in the bay with one of the steel target rigs weren't using it, so we asked if we could share, the rest being busy, and they said they were just leaving anyway, so we unloaded and set up. I brought the Kimber Master Carry Custom, SIG P226, Glock 19 and 34, and Springfield XDM. We shot the steel targets first and then moved on to paper. People had a good time with each; AJ and Matt hadn't shot for a while but managed to consistently knock down plates.

When we got back Matt stuck around and we got a pizza (AJ had to leave) and had beer and he, Honey, and I talked for a while, then I said I had to get back to (Yikes) work… played around with the boards some more that night, got the LEDs to blink, basics like that, although an SDK bug plus the Nordic forums being down put an end to work by midnight (there's a fix attached to a message, but although posts can be read with Google cache, downloads can't be accessed).