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Last day at Exacq

News, Work ·Friday May 23, 2014 @ 17:52 EDT (link)

Friday was my last day working at Exacq Technologies (Tyco Security Products). I had been doing some consulting work for a company I heard about through a friend from back at Hilton, and they made me a compelling offer to come on full time. I learned a lot in my position as Manager of API and Integration there, and would recommend it as a great place to work (and they are hiring; C++ client/server developers, and to fill my position, and web/mobile developers with Python/Javascript). I had not been actively looking to change jobs. I managed to finish the things I had planned for my last couple of weeks, including merging in Kerberos/LDAP login and output triggers work, and making a final API release (; password protected—not my call).

The new company I'll be working for is called Yikes (I didn't pick the name), working in the proximity space, and with the hospitality industry to start but with plans beyond that. I'm sure I'll be making posts with whatever interesting events arise with the new company (although I may not be able to mention some names; but that's not new). There are certainly some "best practices" that need to be enforced on various contractors; coding standards, working in branches, and such; we are accumulating a lot of technical debt justified by up-front speed; we'll pay for it eventually and save nothing for taking (these types of) shortcuts. My position is Senior (Software) Development Manager; not much of a team yet, so I'm more running the parts of the system touching Bluetooth (a couple embedded systems and a phone app), doing general architecture, development process, and (still) a fair bit of development, which suits me fine. Like Exacq, we are also looking for C++ developers (embedded experience nice to have) and an EE (RF experience nice to have) if we can find one.