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Florida visit

News ·Monday July 27, 2015 @ 21:58 EDT (link)

Since Honey's taking distance summer courses and I have some time before my next job (more about that in a later entry), we thought we'd take up a good friend's offer to come down to Florida and stay with them. They live in the St. Petersburg area, where I worked for a little over a year with (although not on the same projects as) my friend Sriram. He and his wife Saranya have two boys. (I've been trying to convince him to move up here and work for Exacq ever since I left there to manage the API group, although I can understand being reluctant to leave Florida, and other reasons.)

They have a beautiful house to the north of St. Pete's (a ways further up than Pinellas Park where we were). From there we traveled around the area a bit; we went to Fort DeSoto beach a few times (and got rather burned; how soon we forget), and ate at the Vietnamese place we used to go to; and on Sunday went to visit with friends at Grace Gospel Chapel in St. Petersburg proper. We just hung out and talked some, e.g. about some startup ideas and plans and the state of the US immigration system (lousy) and education (ditto). We had hoped to get out canoeing somewhere, but the weather did not favor us for the times we had available.

We were only there a little over a week, and it was a fine relaxing time; we came back on the 22nd.

Books finished: Callahan's Con.