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Canada trip

News ·Saturday August 8, 2015 @ 18:55 EDT (link)

Hot on the heels of going up to Florida, I decided to go up to visit my parents (and some sisters) in Canada. This time Honey didn't come with me, since she was visiting her parents.

I visited with the Yades while I was there; played Lords of Waterdeep with Jon and Mrs. Yade—second time playing; I believe I came in first the first time I played, didn't this time; beginner's luck.

I swam a lot, and hung out poolside with mom, dad, Emily, and Julia, whoever was around, unwound, tried not to aggravate my sunburn any worse. Julia's at a fairly new copywriting job in Toronto, and Emily recently finished her required internship to become a registered dietitian and will be looking for work soon.

I did forget to bring the spoons back, though.

Books finished: The Litigators, Managing In the Next Society.