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Family tragedy: Honey runs off with our son

News, Baby ·Tuesday January 8, 2019 @ 18:00 EST (link)

In March 2018, my wife Honey left with our then 7-month-old son David Geoffrey. I still don't know why she did it, and despite all efforts to reconcile, including many hours on the road and days lived at campsites and hotels (with a very accommodating employer), she filed for divorce in November once she had been away long enough to secure the legal advantages she needed. She has refused counseling, either Christian or secular, and is living with her parents, six hours away from home.

What I need from my friends is love, support, and help. For those who also know Honey, especially those who are Christians, please encourage her to stop this and go to counseling and consider reconciliation, and your prayers are appreciated—that she will repent of this and not destroy our family.

As hard as this time has been, it has brought me closer to God and he has brought amazing new people into my life, and the support of family and friends who knew about the situation has been tremendous. If she does go through with it, pray that our son is not harmed by it all, for wisdom for my lawyers, that I can learn why she did this, and that David can be brought back home and I would be able to see him again (she won't bring him here and at least for now I can't go there for legal reasons). I miss my family very much.