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David is coming home!

News ·Tuesday April 30, 2024 @ 13:00 EDT (link)

David has been allowed to come home to Indiana for my graduation—finally, after six years! I found out that it had been approved by the court while I was driving to WV last Thursday (April 25), by email, as I had requested in my motion filed Monday (April 22), if granted, which was good time; the Guardian ad litem also responded requesting the motion be granted, which surely helped.

For this trip I will be doing all the driving (as I have practically the whole time since David was taken, except for a very few meetings in Rio Grande, Ohio): twelve hours Thursday (six there, with some breaks to sleep at rest areas, and then turn around and six back, with at least a stop for dinner).

Fortunately, David doesn't have school Friday, so we have the day to explore the house and play outside and in. My mother and aunt and uncle (her siblings) are also arriving Friday evening. Saturday of course we'll be heading to Bloomington for graduation (3:00 – 5:00 p.m. at the Indiana University Auditorium). Sunday we'll go to Harvest Bible Chapel's first service, and then about mid-afternoon we have to head to WV, starting my regular scheduled week of seeing David in WV.

I've been preparing the house for David, setting up some things in his room (although he'll sleep upstairs, he doesn't like to sleep alone yet), and the same NES emulator on the TV as I've been bringing with me on the Raspberry Pi media machine, and beds for the other guests, and doing some mowing and spraying weeds. David will be able to ride the tractor with me, and in the wagon, which I'm sure he'll love, and we'll go explore the woods to the river, and play in the thus-far neglected playhouse out back.